About Us


A generation of educated citizens is the best resource of a nation. Post-independence, India has launched several initiatives to encourage students from underprivileged backgrounds to pursue education.Regardless, the bleak reality is a Contrasting narrative. Disparity between government and private schools is massive. Absence of satisfactory infrastructure combined with mediocre education standard aggregate to a not so bright future to the underprivileged students and fail to complete with others. My village school endeavours to minimise the disparity by introducing technology based learning for the underprivileged students.

As an organisation my village school relentlessly aspires to ensure "Right to Quality education" by deploying state-of-the-art digital learning infrastructure and resources in government schools with individual and Corporate Support.


  1. Innovation - Classroom teaching with well researched 2D & 3D digital content
  2. Social Responsibility  - It is our duty to accept accountability and give back to the society which has invested to make us what we are today.
  3. Integrity - All proceeds are solely utilized for the purpose of aiding and uplifting students from underprivileged backgrounds.Every donor is provided with the opportunity to track the utilization of their contributions.

Ultimate Goal to be Achieved:

Equality in terms of quality education for students of all economic backgrounds and narrowing the digital divide between rich & poor.

Our Mission:

  • Igniting an interest in studies for students of government schools using digital boards.
  • Empower teachers with digital board loaded with well researched digital Content.
  • To make class room teaching interactive and fun


To develop a better academic environment at schools with help of technology through a community based approach.


Educate today for a better tomorrow.